EN·GAGE  enˈgāj / verb 

1.occupy, attract, or involve (interest or attention) / 2.participate or become involved in. / synonyms: participate in, take part in, join in, become involved in; partake in/of ;share in,& play a part/role in.

This site is a proposal, inviting you to join me in my love affair with fashion, art & style. I believe all three inspire one another and give voice to the creative spirit. Some people are teachers of the arts and fashion, while others are curious and seek to be taught. My site serves to engage both the creatively inclined and the creativity seekers with myself and one another. To develop style, artistically or fashionably, takes time, risk, love and dedication to the craft. As an artist by nature, who found fashion a catalyst for expression, my passion stems from the belief that fashion is a powerful art form. It's technical and creative and "of the time and place". Personal style is indicative of the creative evolution of one self. To me, being a stylist means that I'm a curator - engaging an audience with the convergence of fashion, art & style through my eyes. 

- Kristin Camiel